Bluestem Earth Festival!
May 30, 2015
Earth Week!
April 13 - April 17, 2015


As an expression of our Catholic Franciscan Identity, the University of St. Francis community demonstrates
respect for all creation by being responsible and ethical stewards of God’s resources, meeting current needs
without sacrificing the survival, health and success of future generations and by advocating on behalf of
the underserved in our world. Affirming our commitment to ensure all of God’s creation
is used and sustained in manners that safeguard the health and survival of God’s gifts, the University will:

1. Ensure graduates will have a mindset of sustainability by incorporating environment, ethical, social and
economic impacts in the University-wide education programs and experiential learning opportunities
Greening, a philosophy rooted in Catholic Franciscanism, is a philosophy for life. The ultimate goal
of Greening of the Campus is to cultivate among students, faculty, and staff a humble recognition that
God made humanity the steward of creation, with personal responsibility for the care and survival of all.
Such an understanding of the environment necessitates lifelong respect
and care that may be carried on with individuals as they move into other communities.

2. Model sustainability in all aspects of institutional functions, including planning, operations, purchasing,
and maintenance and will both collaborate with as well as contribute leadership and expertise to local and
regional community environmental efforts

3. Establish a system to monitor and assess practices to reduce the consumption of materials and energy as
well as the emission of pollutants without adversely impacting the quality of education, scholarly work,
and services provided.

The above statement has received the following endorsements: Executive Council – October 17, 2011
Administrators and Staff Council – November 9, 2011
Academic Assembly – November 17, 2011
Student Government Association – November 21, 2011
Board of Trustees – February 9, 2012