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A Continuing Education Program for Nurses in Clinical Practice
Funded by HRSA AEN Grant #1D09HP02744

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  Managing a Multicultural Workforce in Education
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As a health care provider, you are part of a workforce that is increasingly diverse. The purpose of this program is to increase awareness of and sensitivity to the diverse workforce in nursing. This online program, Managing a Multicultural Workforce in Healthcare, has been developed to address the importance of cultural competence within the profession.

This educational program is:

  • Tuition free
  • Delivered online
  • CEU certificate upon completion

How can this program enhance your cultural competence? Throughout the program, you will:

  • Identify features of culturally inclusive management
  • Conduct an organizational cultural competence audit
  • Examine the challenges and opportunities that a multicultural workforce presents to one's organization
  • Define characteristics of successful multicultural encounters within the healthcare organization
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