The University of St Francis implemented a print management policy effective August 2006. This print management policy was in response to the dramatic increase in printing and a corresponding increase in paper waste across the university. The University commitment to sustainability also contributed to this policy.

At the start of each academic year, all students are allotted a $20.00 print/copy credit per semester. Students can use this print/copy credit at the student accessible printers and copiers in the computer labs, resident halls and in the library. Through the end of each semester, any printouts or copies over the initial $20.00 credit will cost the student $ .06 per standard 8.5 by 11 black and white image. Color printouts will be billed at the rate of $.25 per image. The student usage which exceeds the $20.00 credit will be included in the student bill at the end of the semester. Any credit balance remaining at the end of the semester will NOT be carried forward to the next semester.

The cost per print image was calculated on a direct cost recovery for the paper, toner, printer kits, and printer maintenance. The university does not make a profit on these printing charges.

Students can check their printing balance and usage by monitoring individual printing charges via the MyUSF portal.

Student personal printers are not covered by this policy.